David Goldberg
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Serving Northern Virginia

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Serving Fairfax, Tysons Corner, and all of Northern Virginia

“I work hard every minute of every day to earn the trust and confidence of my clients, and to earn the respect of the opposing counsel I work with. There really is no other way to succeed in the practice of law.”
-David Goldberg

Over 20 years experience providing strong advocacy and smart solutions

Knowledge and experience in multiple areas of the law

With over 20 years of experience, David has built a diverse practice encompassing business law, business litigation, and family law. While David is an accomplished litigator who takes pride in mastering the skills of trial advocacy, he also strives to help his clients find out‐of‐court solutions to their disputes and legal issues whenever appropriate.

Primary practice areas:

  • Business Law: Experienced and results‐driven, David brings practical, real‐world business knowledge and expertise to every case. David continually works closely with you every step of the way to understand your objectives and address key business risks. With clients ranging from sole proprietorships, partnerships, and limited liability companies, to small and large corporations, and not‐for‐profits as well as family owned and closely held businesses, David structures and negotiates transactions that advance and strengthen your interests.
  • Business Litigation: Some business challenges are too large to tackle alone. Between internal disputes, regulatory challenges, service agreements, and concerns involving accounting and corporate structure, handling nuanced business litigation requires an exceptional legal advisor. Our litigators combine a broad knowledge base with acute understanding of client needs and industry positions. We guide companies and business owners through the gamut of business litigation issues at every stage, from initial planning and administration to mediation and regulatory compliance.
  • Family Law: Family law issues can continue to affect an individual and their family long after a divorce has been finalized. David recognizes the financial intricacies and emotional impact of divorce and other family law legal matters. David provides prompt, comprehensive, and quality advice and services tailored to each client’s needs.


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