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Fairfax County Business Litigation Attorney

Lawyer in Tysons Corner, Virginia delivers effective advocacy

David Neal Goldberg in Tysons Corner is a Fairfax County business litigation attorney with a strong track record representing Virginia clients involved in all types of disputes. Combining a broad knowledge base with acute understanding of client needs, David guides companies and business owners through the gamut of business litigation issues at every stage, from initial planning and administration to mediation and trial.

Types of business litigation

Drawing on a diverse set of skills, David provides unparalleled consulting and legal services designed to resolve matters quickly, cost effectively and comprehensively. David’s collaborative approach ensures the companies he serves receive tailored, pragmatic legal counsel in cases related to:

  • Management issues
  • Ownership conflicts
  • Partnership and shareholder disputes
  • Real estate conflicts
  • Vendor agreements
  • Financial services litigation
  • Trade secrets
  • Corporate governance
  • Employment claims
  • Restrictive covenants
  • Competition law
  • Title claims
  • Lenders’ rights
  • Business collections
  • Class actions

Whether representing clients’ interests in a trial setting, conducting arbitration or mediation, advising on business transactions, or serving as trial counsel, David is committed to pursuing all possible solutions to meet clients’ strategic objectives.

Partnership and shareholder disputes

Conflicts between the owners of a business could lead to the end of a thriving operation. These situations are often marked by high emotions, so it is essential to retain an attorney who can provide calm insight and skillful advocacy. David represents partners and shareholders during internal disputes involving:

  • Management decisions
  • Buyout offers and buy-sell agreements
  • Owner and executive compensation
  • Alleged violation of company bylaws and partnership agreements
  • Service agreements
  • Succession and continuity planning
  • Dissolution

No matter what led to the particular dispute, David is a strong advocate for clients without losing sight of the effect the disagreement is having on the overall business.

Breach of contract cases

Hiring the right business lawyer could be the difference between success and failure in a breach of contract case. In these matters, David thoroughly analyzes the relevant agreement to provide sound https://www.offitkurman-david-goldberg.com/practice-areas/business-law/counsel on threshold issues, such as whether a material violation occurred. Frequently, these disputes can be resolved promptly and efficiently through skillful negotiation, but if legal relief is warranted, David can represent you in a lawsuit seeking restitution, cancellation of the agreement or some other type of remedy.

Fairfax County Virginia employment litigation

Problems involving workers can hurt productivity and lead to legal liability. Fortunately, many employment law disputes can be averted by setting forth clear, effective policies preventing discrimination, misuse of trade secrets and other improper actions. Should a serious dispute arise, David can investigate what occurred and advocate for an appropriate resolution during administrative proceedings or in court. When a conflict over management practices, executive compensation, contract terms or something else threatens to get out of control, skillful legal representation is a must.

Intellectual property disputes

More than ever, companies face the risk of having their intellectual property misappropriated. If your patent, trademark or copyright has been infringed upon, David can outline your legal options and get to work immediately on obtaining legal relief. This includes cases where former or current employees take trade secrets, customer lists or other proprietary information in violation of their non-compete agreement.

Fairfax County breach of fiduciary duty claims

In business, certain individuals have responsibilities that require them to make decisions that serve the best interests of a client or organization rather than what might benefit the individual personally. This is referred to as a fiduciary duty. Breach of fiduciary duty claims are frequently associated with financial services litigation. For example, a client might allege that their adviser recommended investments primarily to boost the adviser’s commission or to benefit a venture in which the adviser had an interest. These claims also arise when corporate officers or employees are accused of self-dealing or taking excessive compensation.

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David Neal Goldberg in Tysons Corner advocates on behalf of small and large companies in numerous types of business litigation matters. For a consultation where you can learn about your legal options, please call (703) 544-9064 or contact us online.