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Fairfax County Business Formation Lawyer

Tysons Corner attorney assists entrepreneurs, business owners, shareholders, partners and directors

David Neal Goldberg in Tysons Corner is a Fairfax County business formation lawyer who assists small startups and large corporations looking to launch a new operation. By working closely with Virginia clients, David helps them start new ventures on a solid legal foundation.

Choosing the right entity when forming a business

After discussing your situation and goals, David can help you determine which of these legal entities best suits your needs:

  • Corporations — Stock and nonstock corporations can be established by filing articles of incorporation with the Virginia Secretary of State and abiding by applicable laws. These are independent legal entities governed by directors that shield their owners from personal liability. For tax purposes, most smaller companies qualify for S-Corporation status, which allows business profits to be taxed as individual income on the owners’ return. However, larger operations are typically C-Corporations and subject to taxes before the profits pass through to individual owners or shareholders.
  • Partnerships — With a general partnership, two or more partners own a business and are jointly and severally liable for its obligations. You can also establish a limited partnership where one general partner is responsible for daily operations while limited partners own part of the business but do not put their personal assets at risk.
  • LLCs — Many startup owners opt to create a limited liability company (LLC) which allows them to avoid personal liability while benefiting the flexibility and tax rules traditionally associated with partnerships.
  • Sole proprietorships — You can establish a sole proprietorship by registering your name with the state. All income is taxed on your individual return and your personal assets can be reached by business creditors.

Whatever legal entity is the right choice, David will ensure that the required steps are taken to register your business with the state.

Agreements and documents often used during business formation

The process of launching a business requires the accurate completion of various legal documents. David helps to prepare and file articles of incorporation, DBA filings, applications for Employer Identification Numbers and annual reports. You might also need internal documents to address the ownership, governance and operation of your business. These might include corporate bylaws, employment agreements, shareholder agreements and operational plans.

Common challenges when forming a business

There are countless details to take care of when launching a business. Depending on your particular circumstances, you might be focused on securing capital contributions, reviewing regulations on land use or choosing what your target market should be. David can give you knowledgeable insight on these challenges as well as recordkeeping requirements and clarifying the responsibilities of involved individuals. It is also wise to make provisions for the process to be used in the event you wish to dissolve the company at a future date.

Planning for the growth of a Fairfax County business

Decisions you make during the business planning process set the stage for future growth. Having assisted businesses of all types, David can help you create a structure that does not only meet your present needs but also gives you room to expand through growth, a merger or acquisition.

Why use a lawyer during business formation in Virginia?

Taking legal matters into your own hands could lead to serious problems down the road and possibly even personal financial losses. By working with a knowledgeable business law attorney, you can be confident that key concerns won’t be overlooked when you’re establishing a legal entity or drafting a contract. David advises clients on a wide array of matters, including name searches, employment rules, intellectual property protection and contract formation so that new business owners don’t take unreasonable risks with their time and monetary investment.

Contact an effective Fairfax County Virginia business formation attorney

David Neal Goldberg in Tysons Corner provides comprehensive counsel to Virginia clients on all aspects of business formation. For a consultation, please call (703) 544-9064 or contact us online.