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Fairfax County Business Planning Attorney

Lawyer in Tysons Corner, Virginia counsels companies on various matters

An experienced Fairfax County business planning attorney can help you address current challenges and set a course for future growth. David Neal Goldberg in Tysons Corner has handled a wide array of Virginia business law matters for decades and he can assist your efforts to develop or revise your business plan. With a background that includes work on various business law concerns, David can give you the information and legal support you need to form a strong framework for success.

Writing a business plan

Creating an effective business plan requires close attention to numerous details. One key startup task is choosing the optimal legal entity. As a seasoned Virginia business formation attorney, David can outline the advantages and disadvantages of partnerships, corporations and LLCs. He also provides knowledgeable counsel on potential legal concerns as you develop a plan that demonstrates how your business will distinguish itself from competitors. You should also take the time to define your company’s management structure and targeted customer base within the business plan.

Financing arrangements and tax planning for new Virginia businesses

To get your new venture off the ground, it might be necessary to secure financing for startup costs and ongoing expenses. David works with firms on these matters along with other financial issues that emerge over the life cycle of a business. Whether you’re looking for a standard business loan, working with venture capital providers or seeking to grow through acquisition, David offers comprehensive legal counsel, including assistance with contract negotiations and advice on tax consequences.

Contracts and negotiations for Virginia businesses

As you work to build your business, a significant amount of time and effort will likely be devoted to creating contracts. Whether you are delivering goods or services, your bottom line depends on the terms of the deals you make. David handles negotiations for clients as well as contractual matters involving mergers, acquisitions, customer agreements, employment arrangements and government contracts.

Real estate and land use in Fairfax County

Regardless of the industry you’re in, securing a workplace that helps you achieve your objectives is vital. Even if you’re starting from your own home, there might be zoning or permitting issues that require legal assistance. David represents businesses in all types of commercial real estate matters, including:

  • Acquisitions and sales
  • Land use proceedings
  • Zoning and environmental approvals
  • Lease negotiations and enforcement
  • Property management issues
  • Construction permitting
  • Contract preparation and review

Don’t wait to hire an experienced attorney to represent your property interests. With strong advice from the start, you can take advantage of promising opportunities and avoid common mistakes.

Business planning for growth and expansion

If your business is poised for growth, it’s time to speak with an attorney about ways to clear the legal obstacles that might stand in your way. Bringing in new management might require drafting employment contracts and reviewing any existing non-compete covenants among prospective key employees. Companies looking to broaden their customer base often require a new location, which demands the negotiation of a lease or real estate purchase.

Contact a knowledgeable Fairfax County Virginia lawyer to discuss your business plan

David Neal Goldberg in Tysons Corner provides practical legal guidance to various Virginia clients regarding their business plans. Please call (703) 544-9064 or contact us online to schedule a consultation regarding your company’s legal needs.